Gujjubhai 3 Movie One Of Best Gujarati Movie , Gujjubhai 3 is gujjubhai 3 release date Gujarati movie Siddharth Randeria and Jimit Trivedi in Main roles In Gujjubhai 3 download .lage raho Gujjubhai Part 3 is a drama directed by Ishaan Randeria.

Gujjubhai 3 Movie,Gujjubhai 3 Movie download

Cast Gujjubhai The Great Part 3

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Gujjubhai the Great

Gujjubhai the Great Hasmukh Gandhi leads a stress-free life until his daughter, Tanisha, comes home Gujjubhai 3 with her boyfriend, Montu. While everyone in the family falls Gujjubhai 3 for his charm, Hasmukh thinks he is a trickster

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Initial release: September 18, 2015 (India)

Director: Ishaan Randeria

Box office: 150 million IN

RScreenplay: Ishaan Randeria

GujjuBhai – Most Wanted

GujjuBhai Hasmukh and Khagesh, a father-son duo, end up duping a few people in order to GujjuBhai make money and try to escape. GujjuBhai All hell breaks loose when they GujjuBhai find themselves amidst terrorists.

Initial release: February 23, 2018 (India)

Director: Ishaan Randeria

Box office: est. ₹10 crore

Screenplay: Ishaan Randeria

After successfully entertaining the audiences with two hilarious films of the Gujjubhai series, the Gujjubhai 3 franchise are all set for the third edition of the film, which they plan to release in 2020.

Starring Siddharth Randeria and Jimit Trivedi, the first two installments Gujjubhai 3 The Great and Gujjubhai Most Wanted, turned out to be money-spinners at the box-office and did good business.

Now, it becomes the only Gujarati film to have two sequels and just like the previous films, the latest edition will be directed by Ishaan Randeria, with Siddharth and Jimit reuniting

“The popularity, and the kind of response the first two films got, encouraged us to think of the third installment. Gujjubhai 3 of now, we have only finalized the concept. We will begin working on the script soon and we plan to release the film in early 2020.”

The Gujjubhai series also has a parallel fan following in the theatre circle in Gujarat, with Gujjubhai 3 plays being immensely popular. So, scripting the same brand into a film has always been a challenge, accepts Ishaan.

He says, “It is a huge brand, and has been there for some time now. That popularity comes with its Gujjubhai 3 challenges and expectations, and we have always been aware of that.

So, just like the last two films, where we Gujjubhai 3we plan to invest a lot of time in coming up with a strong story for the sequel before we begin shooting.”

Asked about what the audience can expect from the sequel, Ishaan says,

“Gujjubhai has been known for its typical sense of humour with a strong emotional connect. But when we plan a film, we try to go beyond the husband-wife drama that the plays are known for.

With this film as well, we Gujjubhai 3 something new to the table. The audience can expect a complete entertainer with a good dose of the familiar comedy.”

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